Raspberries are one of the best fruit. This wonderful addition to summer cocktails, desserts

or pastries. Unfortunately, the cultivation of this fruit is not too easy, and is quite

expensive. it is worth, so ask the question whether it pays to have raspberries in Poland?


Return summer variety raspberries

After many years, again returning summer variety of raspberries. so far, we could enjoy the

taste only autumn varieties. However, the market started to change. The term harvesting

raspberries increased. Moreover, customers they had tasted in summer raspberries.

Particularly, the taste is special and unique. They are the perfect addition to desserts.

According to forecasts - summer variety raspberries soon dominate the polish fruits market.

Recipients will be processors and producers fruit desserts.

Difficult cultivation

Unfortunately, raspberry fruit, should not be easy to open. This beautiful fruit, despite

appearances, requires a lot of concern and care. First of all, should be taken into account while

plant growth. In addition, the cost assumptions plantation is enough road. Expensive shopping

already same materials, plants, the construction of tunnels and irrigation. In addition to work

need to hire a lot of people. The average plantation arises to 4 years old. At that time, can

enjoy already yields.

Let us not forget care crop of raspberries

Raspberries are easily preventable diseases. Therefore require careful and very systematic

upkeep. To enjoy a big harvest, we have to take care of the plants and not allow to neglect.

Care is important in trimming and appropriate fertilizing. It should also use good quality

fertilizers and biosecurity. Raspberries should be particularly protected from strong frozen

and prevent their suffocation in foil.

Force of nature

The raspberries can be false idea. Particularly in areas inhospitable. Bad weather, high rainfall

or drought, may wipe out all the plants. It is important, therefore, to plantation raspberries was

person with experience in this type of crops and with adequate financial resources.