Experts agree. Blueberry should be in the diet of every Pole. A bomb of vitamins, minerals and a source of antioxidants. It is recommended in the latest Pyramid of Nutrition and Physical Activity presented by the Institute of Food and Nutrition, in the prevention of civilization and anti-cancer diseases, for people with hypertension, diabetes and slimming. Blueberries can help reduce weight and obesity - says dietitian Anna Radowicz for the Polish Life Press Agency.

Blueberries have many qualities

The beginning of the blueberry season was an opportunity to remind her of the advantages. During the season opening, the state of consciousness and activities that were worth taking to increase the awareness of blueberry values ​​were discussed. She was approached by Anna Radowicka - a nutritionist and dietitian, an expert in the assessment of food quality and nutrition.
Our well-being and health depends on what we eat. What we eat has a big impact on our health. Vitamins and minerals that we eat from food products are of great importance above all to our appearance, hair, skin, its hydration, well-being, various types of civilization diseases, including unfortunately the most popular being overweight and obesity among adults and children - says Radowicka.
The activity of the growers' environment has become an opportunity to recall the qualities of the fruit that has conquered the healthiest rankings around the world. Recall, the industry opened the season tasting in the performance of a 10-month-old child. Son and grandson of growers from the Lubelskie Province, chosen by the industry for their role - the youngest, for whom it will be the first season in their lives. Staś Pieńko showed what dietitians say - blueberry is good from the moment of expanding the diet of infants, or around 6 months of age.
10-month-old Staś Pieńko was the hero of Polish Blueberry Day.
What is the uniqueness of blueberries?

- Blueberry is unique because it has no defects, it is as if the most important. If I, as a specialist, should talk about a product in terms of advantages and disadvantages, I do not see any defects in blueberry. It is for everyone starting from expanding the infant diet. For adults, for the elderly, for people with hypertension, because it contains a lot of potassium. There is no reason why someone should not use blueberries in their diet for some reason - said Anna Radowicka, dietitian and expert in the field of food and nutrition quality during the Polish Blueberry Day.
Anna Radowicka spoke about the health properties of blueberries

- The most important advantages of blueberries are that it is for everyone. It contains a lot of fiber, that is for people who have type 2 diabetes, due to the fact that they do not cause an increase in the level of glucose in the blood. For people who have problems with intestinal motility, because its fiber content positively affects the intestinal function. In addition, blueberry also, through the work of the intestines, secretes digestive enzymes, thanks to which it facilitates the digestion of other foods that we deliver throughout the day. Because remember that blueberry alone is not our diet only as an addition, supplementing many dishes. Reduces bad LDL cholesterol. It has a very positive effect on good HDL cholesterol. Also for those who have
problems or genetics are exposed to various types of problems related to atherosclerosis, to the circulatory system, and to these people it is most desirable. For children, for adults in the case of overweight and obesity due to the fact that it is low in calories. For those who are vegetarian because blueberry contains a lot of vitamin C, so it facilitates the absorption of iron. And this is also a curiosity that in addition to vitamin C contains fructose, which also causes the absorption of iron. Also two in one. It is a source of antioxidants. Good for those who want to cleanse their body of toxins, make themselves so-called. detox. Blueberry should be the basis of our diet - recommended Anna Radowicka.

We should not treat blueberries as something special. We should think that this is the No. 1 in my diet.

Blueberry fruit of the future

- Blueberry is the fruit of the future, 21st century, and I think it is a little underestimated among Poles, because we like products from abroad somewhere. We do not appreciate what is in Poland. Remember to eat when the season is ripe, or for blueberries or other fruits because then our body in this period most needs those vitamins and minerals, which just blueberries provide - explained Anna Radowicka.
This year's harvest, despite the difficult weather, promises to be very good. Most of our production is of very high quality, harvested by hand and already in July expected by consumers in over 25 countries on 4 continents.

There is a fashion for Polish blueberry in the world. Other markets open to Polish growers.

The film material was created thanks to the Fundation Promotion Polish Blueberry.