Taiwanese authorities have blocked a consignment of Chilean blueberries entering the country due to high pesticide residue levels, the second such incident of 2017.

Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration said a shipment of fruit weighting 1,012 kilos failed an inspection on Jan. 10.

One week earlier, on Jan. 3, another batch weighing 675 kilos was also blocked at the point of entry. It is not understood whether the fruit was destroyed or returned back to Chile.

The second incident involved Grower Chile-branded blueberries exported by Exportadora Fruit Growers Chile SA.

The most recent blueberry shipment was said to have pesticide residue levels of 0.09-0.10ppm, far higher than the Taiwanese limit of 0.01ppm.

Taiwanese authorities did not say if they were considering placing restrictions on Chilean blueberry exports.

Photo: Taiwan Food and Drug Administration