Each of us would like to eat the highest quality products, it is normal, in the end we are what we eat. Fruit blueberries are very good fit in this healthy, high-quality diet, but blueberry blueberry is not equal and you have to meet several conditions, to the final product that is the fruit of blueberries meet the most demanding requirements. One of these conditions is adequate pollination of flowers during flowering.

It is no secret that the number of natural pollinators or pollinating insects found in the wild is falling. In practice, this means that during the flowering fruit plants are lacking, or even there are no insects that could pollinate the flowers, just to get healthy, fully evolved at the fruit. In the case of blueberries matter is a bit more complicated here in regard to the specific shape of the flowers, not all insects are good in this task. Honey bee could not get to the pollen of flowers deep blueberries, just chomps perianth side and enters the pollen through the hole on the side, not pollinating a flower.

Therefore, the best pollinators on a plantation blueberries are bumblebees, they have a far longer tongues, which easily get to the bottom of the flower. On one hectare of plantation is about 18 million. flowers, so just imagine what kind of work they must perform these wonderful insects, little of this to get a beautiful buxom blueberries single flower to be had in the case of bumble about 3-4 times.

That is why it is very important the introduction of insect breeding plantation, best are bumblebees. This is not a cheap solution, but only such a course is an introduction to obtain the highest quality blueberries and of course, happy consumer.