Growing Blueberries in Poland is still good and growing business. No wonder that from year to year the area planted and growing fruit production.

Poland is among the European and world leaders in the production of blueberries. Today the cultivation area of ​​this species is more than 7000 ha. That is why our country is Blueberry Conference. 2-3 March 2017, will take place already fifth edition of the most important industry event for Blueberries.

European and world leader

In terms of production in Europe ahead of us only Spain, while in comparison the world's largest producers of blueberries we 6 position. Blueberry harvest in Poland in 2016 was estimated at 14 000 tonnes and was lower compared to the previous year by about 2,000 tons. Interest in growing blueberries in Poland, however, is still growing. Comes new plantings, increasing the supply of fruit but nevertheless producers have no problems so far with sales. This is due to a very good organization of the market. Blueberry plantators are represented in the form of the Association of Growers Blueberries are at the well organized and able to work together. An example of this is the Polish Berry Cooperative, an organization of 3 producer groups, with the total area of ​​the production of over 400 ha. Brand product of this organization are blueberries premium offered by Brenda Berry Good. Among the activities undertaken by the producers of blueberries is to promote the fruit by Industry feast on July 1 - Day of Polish blueberries. It symbolizes the start of the season and readiness blueberry Polish manufacturers to provide the excellent fruit market.


Success through good organization and cooperation

Development and progress in the cranberry business is thanks to the high level of production of blueberries. Plantations in Poland are among the most modern in Europe and globally. Hand-harvested fruits are characterized by the high quality and are therefore eagerly bought by foreign customers. This is evidenced by the fact that the vast majority of Polish blueberries goes to demanding customers in the UK, Niemczach or Scandinavian countries.

The best producers of blueberries from Polish and Europe unites Blueberry Conference, which in 2017 will take place 2-3 March at the Mazurkas Hotel in Ożarów Mazowiecki. In this year's edition of this event (2016) was attended by over 700 people. Since the beginning of Borówkowa The conference is organized by the portal and magazine Jagodnik. This year the theme of the Fifth Blueberry  Conference is the quality, which is an indicator of a good and cost-effective production of these fruits.

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