Harvest of blueberries in Poland begins when blueberry campaign ends in Spain. In June you can buy fruits but the quantity is low
Harvests from fields begin on July (26-27 week) from Duke. 2 weeks later Bluecrop matures and it begins the full season. It is 32-33 week. Then the number of fresh blueberry is smaller but enough to export. September is month in which harvest of blueberries drop noticeably and Bluecrop harvest ends. In this time many companies resign from blueberry trade. It's because in coolers through 3-6 weeks quality of Bluecrop is much smaller than fresh one. Between August and September a good alternative is Chandler. Size of Chandler in September is smaller than in August but they are durable. Last year is an increase in planting of variants like Liberty, Aurora which have good quality in the second part of a season. Aurora can have good parameters in October but the problem is in not the best flavour of Aurora.